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Press Room

Welcome to Hometrack’s press room. This is where you’ll find our latest press releases and market insights, plus details of media contacts.

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Latest press releases

Press snippet image September 2016 Hometrack UK Cities: London records lowest quarterly growth for 20 months 20 Oct, 2016

The latest Hometrack UK Cities Index reveals that in the three months to September house price inflation in London recorded the lowest quarterly growth for 20 months.

August 2016 Hometrack UK Cities: UK city house price inflation slows to 8.2% 23 Sep, 2016

The latest Hometrack UK Cities Index reveals house price growth has fallen to 8.2% as the slowdown seen in cities across the south of England in recent months intensified in August.

Hometrack to provide AVM services to Atom Bank 13 Sep, 2016

London, Tuesday 13th September: Hometrack has been appointed by digital challenger bank, Atom, to provide a range of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) services.

UK Cities House Price Index

October 2016 - London breaks 14x house price to earnings ratio

City level house price growth is holding steady at 8.4%. This month we reveal an updated view on city level affordabilit...

September 2016 - London records lowest quarterly growth for 20 months

City level house price growth is running at 8.5% but growth in London has slowed rapidly in the last quarter to the lowe...

August 2016 - City level house price growth running at 8.2%

The pace of city level house price inflation is slowing with growth in the year to August 2016 running at 8.2%. The 20 c...

July 2016 - 20 city house price growth starting to slow

The annual rate of house price inflation across the 20 cities has started to slow after 12 successive months of rising h...

Media contacts

Contact our press team with your media enquiries – and to make sure you receive our press releases.

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