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You can test the PVR API using the API test functionality on the help page (www.hometrack.com/uk/docs/api/pvr/), or by using a REST client such as Postman.

As per the help page, what you need to do is:

  1. Authenticate using the API key you have been provided.
    This is the first POST request (see www.hometrack.com/uk/docs/api/pvr/Api/POST-api-authentication-apiKey)
    The result of this call is an authentication token, in a JSON response body.

  2. Ask for the report.
    This is the second POST request (www.hometrack.com/uk/docs/api/pvr/Api/POST-api-reporting-PropertyValuation)
    You will provide the authentication token in the request.
    You will provide a transaction ID. This needs to be unique within your (PSG) account! We recommend a guid or some sequence number.
    The result of this call is a ‘201 Created’ response, without a body.

  3. Wait for a few minutes (the report takes up to 5 minutes to generate depending on traffic, but usually just 30 seconds)

  4. Authenticate again – the auth token expires after a few minutes, so it’s best to re-authenticate – using the same logic as in step (1)

  5. Retrieve the report using www.hometrack.com/uk/docs/api/pvr/Api/GET-api-reporting-PropertyValuation-token-transactionId
    The token is auth token you’re given in step (4)
    The transaction ID is the one you used in step (2)