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Research: Unlocking strategic asset management in social housing

On 24 May, 2016

The operating environment for housing associations has changed in the face of an evolving policy environment over rent levels, right to buy and funding for new housing delivery.

Executives need to consider a broader range of factors as they evaluate strategy and develop business plans for their assets set in a wider market context. 

De-regulation and the shift towards mixed tenure regeneration and new development means housing associations are considering multiple price points for assets as they develop strategies and business plans.

This report presents unique analysis on the market value of social housing and how this relates to social and affordable rents and the attractiveness of intermediate tenures at a localised level and the key implications for strategy.

The analysis highlights how big data and market analytics used by mortgage lenders and other property sectors can be applied to the affordable housing sector.

Download the PDF below to read the full article. 


This research was first presented at the Social Housing Finance Conference, May 2016. 

House price growth by type of housing (2015)
Source: Hometrack
Research: Unlocking strategic asset management in social housing
Download the PDF

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