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Make informed residential property investment decisions, with Hometrack’s board-ready analysis and insight.

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To realise the maximum value from your investments and manage risk, you need access to independent, objective, high-quality market information. So that is precisely what Hometrack delivers.

Local market analysis

Hometrack’s site-specific analysis is used by real estate investors to underpin their decisions – from entering a local rental market to purchasing a site or buying a property.

Our detailed reports give you fast, cost-effective access to investment-grade local market information. Order online and you'll get them in minutes.

Portfolio valuation and appraisal

When you need accurate, up-to-date information on the value or performance of your portfolios, you can trust Hometrack.

Our fast, cost-effective service lets you measure your portfolio against the latest insights – including open market capital, rental values and other local market metrics. Value your portfolio, asset by asset, and make more informed decisions.

Evidence-based strategy

To develop effective strategies, you need fast, easy access to the latest market intelligence on capital values, rents, new supply and affordability.

Dashboard tracks 20 key market metrics at local market level, so you can quickly compare areas or benchmark local performance. For analysts who need to drill down further, Housing Intelligence puts over 250 property datasets at your fingertips.

We also offer a range of bespoke market analytics to help your team develop strategies and forecasts, monitor market trends, raise funds and brief investors.


Fast, accurate, cost-effective residential property portfolio valuations – backed by Hometrack’s market-leading AVM.