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Tailored analysis of Build to Rent schemes, to underpin strategy, site acquisition and underwriting.

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Appraising build to rent schemes requires unique analysis into rental market dynamics.

Building on our years of experience in the sector, Hometrack offer specialised analysis to inform build to rent appraisals and assess the risks in this new emerging market. 

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Granular analysis

The rental market is highly localised and trends in rents, capital values and affordability can vary significantly across a city or region. Our strategy analysis gives you key insight, at a local level, so you can base your business decisions on the most relevant information.

Market context

If you are developing property for rental, you need access to accurate information to inform land appraisals and investment underwriting. In many cases, the anticipated pricing levels are at a premium to the local market - so it's essential to put the proposed investment in a market context to gauge the level of risk. Our unique set of analytics give you localised insight on rental levels, the profile of rental values by property size, absorption rates in the local market and much more.

Localised analysis

Hometrack's Build to Rent service gives property developers, housebuilders and public sector bodies the localised information they need to inform strategy and assess potential acquisitions. Based on our accurate, independent insight, it helps our customers save time and boost efficiency. 

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Investing in build to rent? Get instant access to local private rental market trends — with analysis you can’t find anywhere else.