Analyse risks from climate change to the property market

All the climate change insight you need to flag risks on your mortgage portfolio, and at origination. 

UK regulation is rapidly increasing in the UK regarding Climate Change. From 2022 financial providers must report to regulators on climate change risks within their portfolio and the Bank of England has committed to test the financial system’s resilience to climate change. 

Lenders now need to shape their risk policy around the key climate change risks and opportunities. 

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Fast, reliable and accurate climate change risk assessment 

Our Climate Change Insights product presents all the climate risk data you need in one place. We combine expert data sources in a solution that integrates with other Hometrack products for a seamless service. 

We give you the information you need for faster decision making, debt provisioning and capital calculations.  Our consolidated data answers your questions without the need for complex processing or detailed reports.

Identify current climate change risk across existing mortgage portfolios and understand how that risk is projected to develop over time.

Origination and Mortgage Book

We combine trusted data on flood, ground and energy risk into a single source, blended into our existing data solutions. Assess new properties as part of the mortgage journey, and assess your back book with the same enhancement. 

By increasing the understanding of the impact of climate change  on property valuation you can shape your risk appetite and align your portfolio accordingly.

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Now and in the future 

Now is the time to establish accurate debt provisioning and determine core capital calculations. This solution identifies areas of concentration risk relating to climate change, and manages ongoing risk by incorporating key climate change metrics into your mortgage origination strategy.

Climate Change Insights can also be built into your own mortgage platform to reduce processing times and ease friction of switching systems via the Automated Valuation Model.

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