Automated valuation modelling for property brokers

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Transform mortgage processing for you and your customers with our dedicated AVM solution for brokers.

More than 1 in 5 mortgage applications fall at the lender valuation hurdle. It’s often due to outdated manual processes, inaccurate customer valuations and incomplete property details. 

Get the information you need to get the lender and product right first time with our Broker AVM. 

Adapted from our best-in-class lender AVM and optimised for mortgage brokers, it removes the need to go through time-consuming questions with consumers. 

The result? Faster and more cost-effective processes.

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Reimagine your process with our Broker AVM

  • Available directly, or through leading broker platforms including Mortgage Brain and Twenty7Tec
  • Pre-fill sections within fact finds, and applications for mortgages and home insurance
  • Used by 17 out of 20 of the UK’s leading financial services providers  

Data breadth and accuracy

Get accurate home information, pre-populated into your system, including:

  • Property value with confidence indicators
  • Property type, style, tenure and age
  • Construction of walls and roofs (including percentage of roofs that are flat)  
  • Floor area, number of floors, and floor number within the property
  • Numbers of reception rooms and bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms and habitable rooms
  • Available parking
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Your flexible, future-proof Broker AVM 

Our Broker AVM takes the hassle out of applications for you and your customer, allowing you to process more quickly and effectively than ever. 

Available through an API, it’s usable through any device – desktop, mobile and tablet. And, real-time product updates mean you always get the latest available information.

Make informed decisions with built-in confidence bands

With our simple colour-coded confidence bands, you get the information you need at-a-glance. 

  • Green shows properties where the valuation is correct to within a small tolerance
  • Amber confidence levels have a bigger tolerance, where updated data is needed
  • Red confidence levels have the biggest tolerance, indicating unusual property scenarios where more data is needed 
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