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Connecting EV charger suppliers to private driveway owners

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An alliance of the largest EV charge point installers has pledged to invest more than £6 billion in the UK’s charging infrastructure.

Property data holds the key to locating driveways up and down the country that can play host to a private EV charger.

The large-scale investment is needed to support the forecasted growth in electric vehicles (EV) by 2030.

Good progress has already been made with the availability of charging points up 43% between September 2022 and September 2023.

But there’s a long way to go before the public’s need is met.

Unlocking potential of private parking

On-street charging points and public stations are a major part of this strategy but the potential to add tens of thousands of chargers to the UK’s EV infrastructure also sits on the driveways of homeowners and tenants across the country.

The challenge for providers is finding them.

Subscribing to Hometrack’s comprehensive set of property data, derived from listings data held by Zoopla, provides a post code-level identification of homes with private parking spaces. It’s the most direct and efficient way for firms to connect with potential customers.

Grants for charge point purchases

Grants and sales campaigns are already underway to encourage property owners to install a charger at home.

Landlords, owners of flats with designated private off-street parking and people who live in rented accommodation can already apply for financial assistance to cover 75% of the cost of a charger under the government’s EV chargepoint grant.

Meanwhile, some EV car manufacturers have begun throwing in a free charger and installation as an added extra – great news for those ineligible for a government grant.

Connecting to customers using property data 

UK property data can connect the EV industry to this target audience.

Delivered through a batch file, a large volume of data that can be analysed for market trends and sale opportunities, or accessed through a property API, property listings data is a complete set of property data covering every sale and rental property listed on the Zoopla property portal.

EV charge point suppliers can filter and organise data in a way that best suits their needs, for example:

  • All homes with a garage, driveway or private parking listed for sale or rent within a timeframe
  • By region, town, postcode
  • Excluding new-build properties which must now be built with a charging point installed.

Armed with bespoke property data, the EV industry is geared up to deliver a targeted marketing campaign to help boost the country’s charging network.

And with just seven years before the sale of new petrol and diesel cars are banned, there’s no time to waste.

To find out more about how property data can support your business contact Hometrack.

Samantha Partington 5 February 2024
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