Add value to your property business with the digital valuer

Our digital valuer is the next generation for automated valuation.

It digitally assesses valuation and property risk to an even higher level than an AVM – while maintaining safe decisions. 

Digital valuer reduces the reliance on physical valuations, bringing lenders cost and time benefits. Our innovative model uses learning and probability to conduct property valuation in a different way to an AVM.

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Specific risk management

The digital valuer measures each application against a broader set of property risk data, embracing specific risk management and improving accuracy.

By assessing a richer source of property data attributes from the property risk hub, we drive better accuracy and control for the lender.

Adding value

Digital valuer blends our AVM and additional risk data together with lender data in a new and advanced valuation model, giving a decision in seconds.  

Lenders can perform risk analysis earlier in the process, alongside automated affordability checks.

Digital valuer reduces the need for physical valuations, increases AVM pass rates and cuts business costs. In addition, it identifies cases that can ‘pass through’ or for ‘down-valuation’  or manual processing.

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Proven safety and reliability

As our most enhanced approach to automated valuation modelling, digital valuer delivers ultimate valuation confidence, enabling higher risk properties to be assessed accurately and reducing the reliance on expensive physical valuations.

Digital valuer can be integrated within lenders’ mortgage systems. This way, industry tested and validated solutions are enhanced by lender-specific intelligence from back book risk analytics and origination decisioning.

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