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The most complete rental market information, instantly

A powerful insight into local private rental market trends — with instant access to analysis you can’t find anywhere else. Buy it online and have it emailed to you in minutes.

Our rental market reports covers England, Scotland and Wales. It provides essential information on rental markets at postcode district level — helping you make investment decisions, develop strategies, appraise schemes and assess risk.


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Make informed investment decisions

Unique and accurate analysis of rents, yields, affordability and market typology, giving you all the details you need to make robust strategic decisions..

Local market insight

Local knowledge is vital in rental strategy. We cover the rental markets in England, Scotland and Wales – at postcode district level.

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Hard-to-find information, instantly

No more long searches for local trend information. The rental market report gives you everything you need instantly, all in one place.

Relied on by investors

The robust analysis in the rental market report is relied on by investors, government bodies and developers to inform rental market strategies and assess risk on rental housing schemes.

The report gives buy-to-let investors the evidence they need to compare the attractiveness of local rental markets.

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The Hometrack rental market report is a critical tool in our investment decision process. The detailed and insightful market intelligence… provides us with the confidence to proceed with investments. 


James Gibson – Regional Development Director, Sovereign Housing Association

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