Investment platform IMMO selects Hometrack as UK property data partner

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Pan-European tech platform IMMO has chosen Hometrack as its property data partner in the UK.

IMMO operates in the residential property investment sector; sourcing, acquiring and managing homes on behalf of institutional investors. 

The multi-million-pound platform enables institutional investors to build large-scale property portfolios made up of quality single-family homes in rental hotspots around the country.

IMMO’s suite of cutting-edge products, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, are designed to enable investors to source and acquire properties at speed and scale that will deliver their desired returns.

With an operational footprint established in Germany and Spain, as well as a technology hub in India, IMMO needed a partner that could provide up to the minute, high quality, accurate property data in the UK.

“For an investor to invest £50 million in residential property in a specific location in the UK they need smart underwriting models, smart predictive comparisons, market intelligence and sourcing data for homes listed for sale,” said Hima Mandali, IMMO’s Chief Technology Officer. “This can only be delivered if you have a strong data partner in the background.”

Data partnership paves way for UK expansion

IMMO became a Hometrack customer when the tech platform began researching the UK market with a view to expanding its operation. 

Hometrack kept in regular contact with IMMO throughout its research stage, and IMMO began evaluating UK acquisition targets using Hometrack data in Q4 2022, which has enabled them to enter multiple transaction processes.

Hima continues: “Hometrack’s data partnership has helped us to create a multi-market sourcing product based on UK property data. All our products are enabled because we have access to the richer data that we get from them.”

Hometrack property data powers analysis and AI-led platform

The Property Listings Data service supports IMMO in two key ways: 

  • Feeding data into its analytical tools to allow IMMO’s expert analysts to conduct research, spot trends, and tailor analysis to the parts of the country investors are most interested in.
  • Enabling the team to source properties faster.

The partnership has also helped IMMO to develop a UK AI-powered property sourcing and underwriting proposition at scale.

Clean and convenient delivery

A major selling point of Hometrack’s listings service, explained Hima, is the clean and convenient delivery of listings through an API.

“Scraped data delivered in a bad format can take weeks or months to clean and sanitise before it’s ready for use,” said Hima. 

“Hometrack’s data delivery is very tech-friendly. It supplies the data in a single API so we can consume the minute details. It makes life much easier for us and leaves us to focus on creating a competitive value proposition that sits on top of quality data.”

To find out how Hometrack’s Property Listings Data service can support your business, contact us or email

29 June 2023
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