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UK lenders have relied on Hometrack for instant, accurate property valuations since 2002. Our Automated Valuation Model gives lenders lower costs and faster time to yes, without increasing risk.

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The Hometrack Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is the UK market leader. In fact, 13 of the top 15 UK mortgage lenders use our AVM as an integral part of their processes.

The reason they rely on us is simple: having the best AVM in the market is our core business. Our AVM team is the largest in the UK and has over 100 years combined experience. We’re laser-focused on continuous monitoring and improvement.

Hometrack’s AVM has been used in over 50 Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) and was the first model accredited by all of the major ratings agencies.

Talk to us about your needs.

Our AVM is available via an API or as a desktop service and can be tailored to your business rules.

Tested. Perfected.

We constantly monitor our model, making sure it performs consistently over time – so you can rely on it when making lending decisions. It’s the only AVM to be proven to be accurate over the full cycle since 2004 and we’ve exported it to Europe and Australia. After all, the more valuations you can confidently do with our AVM, the faster and cheaper it becomes to service your customers – without increasing risk.

Part of a complete solution

We make it simple to integrate the AVM into your processes. Hometrack's enterprise-grade API and web app are built for full customisation to meet your business needs, including risk alerts and business rules. No other AVM provider even comes close.

Manage costs, without increasing risks

Our AVM can replace surveyor valuations, without increasing risk, in a large proportion of cases. That includes origination and remortgages. Think of the time and cost savings that represents.

Go digital

A faster time to yes means higher customer satisfaction. Unlock your digital channel and offer more innovative lending products when you have the Hometrack AVM.

Manage costs - without increasing risk

The AVM reduces time and expense in valuing residential property. For lenders, this means lower costs and a faster time to yes - without increasing risk.

Hometrack’s lender solutions are based on a clear understanding of our sector. Their experience in the AVM space is unrivalled as is their understanding of the housing and lending markets.

Iain Laing - Chief Risk Officer



Fast, accurate, cost-effective residential property portfolio valuations – backed by Hometrack’s market-leading AVM.